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Introducing: SkyNet IoT

SkyNet IoT is a LoRa® network operator providing national and international LoRaWAN® coverage. Unlike individual LoRaWAN® providers, SkyNet IoT offers roaming across multiple interconnected LoRa® networks, allowing users and devices to not be restricted to a single network resulting in better national and international coverage.

With more than one million interconnected access points from different providers, SkyNet IoT is one of the largest multi-provider providers.The SkyNet IoT LoRa® network is designed to move with market developments without requiring users to switch. SkyNet IoT offers its customers a flexible hosted LoRa® network US/EU servers for sensor and/or gateway management in accordance with the datacenter security and redundancy standaard at competitive rates

In addition to national and international LoRaWAN® connectivity, SkyNet IoT offers a unique multi-hosting solution for gateway and network operators and administrators while retaining their current offerings. SkyNet IoT has the ability to simultaneously host multiple (public, commercial, and private) LoRa® networks, making the gateways multifunctional. The SkyNet IoT access points can be shared with multiple operators, reducing operating costs with minimal impact on the environment.

If you want to create additional coverage in areas or objects, you can easily add access points that are part of the SkyNet IoT multi-network concept. This increases the network's reach and contributes to redundancy, capacity, and improves sensor efficiency.

SkyNet IoT is a subsidiary of SkyLab IoT and provides decades of security and Internet of Things solutions, and sets up LoRaWAN® infrastructures. In the past, individual public, commercial, or private network solutions were used to realize the LoRa® networks, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, often limiting and dependent on users. To provide a better structural, independent, and future-proof solution for further market developments, we have established a unique and future-proof multifunctional LoRa® network solution SkyNet IoT based on our expertise with hundreds of gateway installations, providers, and customer needs.

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SkyLab Introducing: SkyNet IoT


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