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LoRaWAN® Connectivity

SkyNet IoT is the largest independent LoRaWAN® multi - hosting provider for cities, agriculture, industry, railways, ports, offshore, and maritime markets.

Multiply by dividing

By connecting and sharing different LoRaWAN® access points and offering multiple public, commercial, and private LoRa® networks simultaneously, the network points connected to SkyNet IoT are multifunctional. Additionally, SkyNet IoT offers users the ability to roam with the connected providers, providing maximum national and international coverage at lower costs, less dependency, and minimal impact on the environment. With over a million connected network points, SkyNet IoT is the largest neutral LoRa® multi-network provider with hosted network servers conforming to ISO 27001:2013 NEN 7510:2017 ISO 9001:2015.

Interconnected networks

Because multiple LoRaWAN® network providers are connected to SkyNet IoT, we offer maximum national and international coverage with more redundancy than individual providers.

Hosted LoRaWAN network server

SkyNet IoT offers a hosted LoRaWAN® network server for users to manage sensors and access points through ISO 27001:2013 NEN 7510:2017 ISO 9001:2015 data centers.

Flexible independence

SkyNet IoT provides multi LoRaWAN® connectivity through connected access points, giving users freedom of choice and making access points multifunctional with lower operational costs and minimal impact on the environment.

Easily expandable

If you want to create additional coverage in areas or objects, you can easily add access points without periodic costs that are part of the SkyNet IoT multi-network. This increases network coverage, redundancy, capacity, and improves sensor efficiency.

About us

SkyNet IoT is a subsidiary of SkyLab B.V., which has been actively providing Internet of Things / LoRa® solutions and implementing LoRaWAN® infrastructures for cities, industries, railways, ports, maritime, and offshore. LoRaWAN® is playing an increasingly important role in the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and will contribute to the digital transformation of our society. Reliable network connectivity is essential for using LoRa® sensor solutions.

There are many different providers of public, commercial, and private networks, each with their own advantages, disadvantages, and limitations.

New providers enter the market while existing ones may drop out or change their fair use policies, which can have adverse effects on users.

To provide a desired and manageable long-term solution for the rapidly changing market, SkyLab has developed the SkyNet IoT LoRa® network. With this, we offer flexible multi-connectivity through the SkyNet IoT LoRa® network and multiple interconnected providers without users having to switch to another provider. In this way, SkyNet IoT offers independent, accessible, and flexible multi-connectivity through various LoRaWAN® providers, allowing users to benefit from the individual advantages of providers with global coverage.

SkyNet IoT can and will adjust the underlying connectivity to adapt to changing market developments without negatively affecting users. With the SkyNet IoT LNS, we can simultaneously offer multiple private, commercial, and public network providers through a single access point, making SkyNet IoT access points multifunctional and giving users and operators freedom of choice with lower operational costs and minimal impact on the environment.

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Our hosting services:

The largest neutral provider of multi LoRaWAN® connectivity.

SkyNet IoT provides users with access to over a million LoRa® access points that are interconnected and use different network providers. This allows users to benefit from the most comprehensive national and international LoRaWAN® connectivity. SkyNet IoT is the ideal solution for a rapidly changing market, as it offers long-term flexibility. With our solutions, users can respond optimally to future market developments without switching providers and with maximum connectivity.

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