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SkyNet IoT:

SkyNet IoT, a subsidiary of SkyLab B.V., was established in 2022 to meet the growing need for flexible, independent, stable, and multifunctional LoRaWAN® connectivity. In the current dynamic growth market, with new players and evolving strategies of established parties, there is a clear demand for a more future-oriented and reliable multifunctional solution. With this vision, we developed the SkyNet IoT LoRa® network, drawing on our extensive, longstanding expertise in various private, public, and commercial LoRaWAN® telecommunication networks and applications.

Distinctive Capability

As the market leader and a neutral hosting and network provider for LoRaWAN®, the SkyNet IoT network distinguishes itself with its independence and scale. SkyNet IoT is the largest independent hosting provider for multiple LoRaWAN® networks with roaming support. Our innovative approach offers extensive LoRaWAN® connectivity for everyone with minimal environmental impact. Serving as a welcoming hub for simultaneously hosting multiple LoRa® network operators, we provide lower operational costs and advanced roaming capabilities, resulting in maximum global coverage. With over a million connected access points from various providers, SkyNet IoT stands as one of the most extensive and versatile LoRaWAN® networks globally, with support points in America (Florida), South Africa (Cape Town), and headquarters in Europe (Netherlands).

Financial Position

SkyNet IoT is financed by SkyLab B.V. with investments totaling hundreds of thousands of euros. These funds are allocated for the development, setup, network servers, data centers, integration, and maintenance of multiple LoRaWAN® networks and access points. Furthermore, we collaborate with clients to extend the SkyNet IoT network in urban areas, industrial zones, railways, ports, at sea, and on ships. These strategic investments have established a robust and self-sufficient SkyNet IoT network, poised for continued market expansion with a promising future.


As we consolidate our network, we aim to enhance our market position and broaden our multi-network hosting capabilities. This involves providing maximum multi LoRaWAN® connectivity and interconnecting networks and communities with the motto "multiply by sharing." A specific focus is on unexplored maritime offshore zones, where there is a demand for secure and accessible IoT connectivity for monitoring and security. SkyNet IoT can play a crucial and independent role in Digital Connectivity at Sea.

To expedite the expansion of our market position and connectivity, we seek physically involved partners, investors, and/or stakeholders who recognize the potential and can actively contribute to further developing this unique multi-network concept, roaming connectivity, and marketing. Collaboration and investment offer the chance to be part of a revolutionary new era of IoT connectivity. We invite you to explore and realize new possibilities in global connectivity with SkyNet IoT. Involvement contributes to the accelerated growth of the global LoRaWAN® SkyNet IoT network and the exploration of new markets and technologies with a robust market position.

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