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The SkyNet IoT network serves as a neutral host and router for various LoRaWAN® networks. With over a million connected gateways from major mainstream network operators such as the Helium Network and ThingIX, as well as connected communities and its own gateways, the SkyNet IoT network ranks among the largest neutral multi-host and router operators in the market. It offers extensive national and international coverage, with added redundancy through the roaming option across different networks.

Currently, we are actively working on developing a live, interactive, global gateway and coverage map. Given the significant size and diversity of the connected networks, however, we are encountering some challenges. We are fully engaged with our providers to overcome these.

For the time being, a limited interactive coverage map is available at:

CoverageMap. Users can select the various networks on the right side to view coverage.

Soon, this page will be updated with a comprehensive national and international interactive gateway and coverage map, including all connected networks and communities.


Europe Coverage

North America

America Coverage
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