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Provider or Manager.

If you are a provider or community manager of one or more LoRaWAN® access points and want to be prepared for future market developments without relying on a single LoRaWAN® provider, and with the flexibility and freedom of provider choice and the option of interconnected networks with national and international coverage, you can use the SkyNet IoT concept at no cost while maintaining your current network (provider).

SkyNet IoT is the largest neutral LoRa® multi-network provider with hosted network servers compliant with ISO 27001:2013 NEN 7510:2017 ISO 9001:2015.

By participating in the SkyNet IoT LoRaWAN® multi-network concept at no cost, you can expand your network, manage it, and offer multiple interconnected networks while maintaining your original network offering.

By switching to the SkyNet IoT concept for free, traditional gateways will simultaneously support multiple LoRa network providers and offer inter-connectivity with global coverage.

The switch is without consequences for your current LoRaWAN® offering and applies to private, commercial, and public networks.

This innovative SkyNet IoT concept makes gateways multifunctional, offers freedom of choice of providers, reduces dependence, and ensures that you are future-ready. All of this with lower operational costs and minimal environmental impact.

The access points can be remotely managed and flexibly adjusted to changing market developments.

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