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SkyNet IoT LoRaWAN Multi-Netwerk provider

SkyNet IoT is the new LoRa® network operator providing national and international LoRaWAN® coverage. Unlike individual LoRaWAN® providers, SkyNet IoT enables roaming across multiple interconnected LoRa® networks, ensuring better national and international coverage. With over a million interconnected access points from various providers, SkyNet IoT is among the largest multi-provider providers.

The SkyNet IoT LoRa® network is designed to adapt to market developments without user migration. Offering clients a flexible hosted LoRa® network server, compliant with ISO 27001:2013, NEN 7510:2017, and ISO 9001:2015 standards at competitive rates.

Beyond national and international LoRaWAN® connectivity, SkyNet IoT presents a unique multi-hosting solution for gateway and network operators and administrators. Enabling simultaneous hosting of multiple (public, commercial, and private) LoRa® networks, making gateways multifunctional. SkyNet IoT access points can be shared among operators, reducing operational costs with minimal environmental impact.

To expand coverage in areas or objects, easily add access points within the SkyNet IoT multi-network concept. Enhance networks, increase reach, and contribute to redundancy, capacity, and sensor efficiency.

SkyNet IoT, a subsidiary of SkyLab B.V., offers decades of security and IoT solutions, establishing LoRaWAN® infrastructures. Moving away from individual network solutions, SkyNet IoT provides a better, independent, and future-proof solution based on expertise with hundreds of gateway installations, providers, and customer needs.

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SkyNet IoT en Rotterdam Skyline


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